What Problems Can Leaky Gutters Cause?

June 26, 2022

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Rain Gutter LeakingIt's no secret that leaky gutters are a headache for many homeowners. A leak can be the starting point to a host of problems, affecting your home's layout, esthetic value, hygienic conditions, etc. On top of keeping your gutter functional for longer, a professional Rain Gutter Cleaning Service is the best way to catch a leak on time, especially in cases where the source of said leak can't be identified at a glance.

Today, we talk about the importance of gutter maintenance while focusing on all the ways a leaky gutter can affect your home's drainage system from within.

What Causes Leaks on Rain Gutters?

Leaks can be caused by several factors. In some cases, the gutters have been standing for many years and the materials have started to feel the passage of time. Depending on the material, a gutter's lifespan can span from 10 to 50 years, but extreme climate changes and the accumulated damage caused by intense storms may have long-lasting effects even with the sturdiest gutter profiles.

If you have a sectioned gutter, leaks are far from rare. The joints are the weakest part of any guttering system, and a sectioned gutter has many portions where the soldering may come loose. The point of connection between the gutters and the downspout represents a vital area that you need to keep an eye on, whether you have a traditional gutter or a seamless gutter.

Lastly, poor maintenance will eat away at your gutters one way or another, but leaks are one of the main results after leaving a gutter unattended for months. You need to inspect your gutter at least every week and after each storm. In addition, if the gutters aren't cleaned inside and out at least twice a year, it's easier for the draining system to fail (due to clogs, alignment issues, corrosion, etc.), and more likely for leaks to appear.

Why Worry About Leaky Gutters?

A leaky gutter ultimately fails at fulfilling its main purpose: keeping the rainwater off your foundations. Leaks will result in pools of water around your home, so the risks of soil erosion will remain even with a rain guttering system in place. More importantly, your home's foundations are affected, and this will compromise the whole structure.

Craked Rain GutterTo understand the importance of dealing with leaks on time, let's go over each of the problems caused by a leaky gutter:
  • Cleaning and maintenance will be harder since there will be marks staining the underside of your gutter.

  • Leaks may cause damage to other parts of your house. They can rot the fascia, deteriorate the porch, and peel the paint off your walls and sidings.

  • If the leak is caused by a crack in the gutter, you can expect that crack to grow bigger with each rainstorm, becoming progressively harder to repair.

  • By triggering soil erosion, a leaky gutter represents a huge risk to the preservation of your garden and landscaping.

  • If you have a basement, most of its sides will get damped whenever it rains. In addition, the risks of floods are much greater during a storm.

  • You will find cracks on your foundations and the floor around your house. The water that seeps into these cracks may start swelling the surface, endangering the building's stability.

  • Leaks prompt the growth of mold, mildew, and pests. Insects and rodents are more prone to build their nests inside your gutters or around your foundations when the moisture isn't properly drained.
Whatever the cause of the problem, you need to keep in mind that a leak affects your draining system as a whole, hindering the flow of water to the downspouts and causing ice dams during the winter months.

If it's an isolated issue, you can repair a leak without replacing your entire guttering system, but there are instances where leaks are only the early signs of a bigger problem. In these cases, the best long-term solution is to install a new gutter that meets your home's structural requirements. The gutter will do its work more effectively and rainstorms won't be a cause of stress for you as a homeowner.

Miami Gutter Cleaning provides the best installation and repair services to keep your gutters in optimal condition for years. Our team specializes in ensuring that each rain guttering system is customized to benefit a home. We have decades of combined experience and the most advanced equipment to guarantee the best results. Just call (786) 676-8259 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you want to learn more about our services. We'll be happy to assist you!

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