Are Steel Gutters More Expensive Than Aluminum?

April 14, 2023

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Suppose you are looking to install new gutters in your home or business. In that case, you may wonder whether to choose steel or aluminum gutters. One of the factors you may be considering is the cost. But costs depend on many things and can be relative. How? Well, something that's budget-friendly might not be durable enough. In the long run, it may end up costing more than making a high investment up-front in a good quality gutter that lasts decades.

Miami Gutter Cleaning is here to provide you with everything you need to know about these two popular gutter options. That way, you can make an informed decision and get the perfect gutter for your home or business.

Let's start with an overview of steel and aluminum gutters and why they are popular.

Understanding Steel and Aluminum Gutters

A Steel Gutter Seen From BelowFirst, let's look at what steel and aluminum gutters are. Steel gutters are made from galvanized steel, coated with a zinc layer to protect against rust and corrosion. Aluminum gutters are made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, also resistant to rust and corrosion. Of course, this resistance depends on proper maintenance for both gutters.

Overall, both steel and aluminum gutters offer a range of benefits and are popular options for homeowners and businesses looking for a reliable and durable gutter system.

Yet, like many gutter types, these have different price tags and factors influencing their cost.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Gutters

Whether you choose aluminum, steel, or any other type of gutter, these are the factors that influence cost:
  • Materials: This is the main factor affecting gutters' costs. When talking about steel gutters and aluminum, the former is more expensive than the latter. And if you were wondering, copper gutters are one of the most expensive.

  • Gutter Size: The bigger your home or business, the more gutters it will need. And depending on where you are located, you might also need larger gutters to handle large amounts of rainwater. The bigger they are, the more expensive.

  • Gutter Style: Certain styles of gutters, such as seamless gutters, may be more expensive than traditional sectional gutters. The additional cost is because the manufacturing process is more complex, translating into their shelf cost.

  • Installation: Hiring a professional gutter installation company might initially make your gutters more expensive, but it will pay for itself over the years. You'll save much money from costly repairs if you have a top-notch, flawlessly installed gutter system. That said, when hiring people to install your gutters, the difficulty of said installation can raise the costs more so if it requires specialized equipment.

  • Gutter Accessories: A complete gutter system needs gutter guards, downspouts, leaf guards, head leaders, hangers, filter leaf balls, and drop outlets. You could also add splash blocks, rain chains, rain barrels, and many other gutter accessories. All of these will add to the overall cost of the gutter system.

  • Location: The cost of gutters, materials, accessories, and the professional installation often depends (up to a point) on where you are located.
Now that you know about the general factors that influence the cost of gutters, it's time to get down to business and compare the price tag of aluminum and steel gutters.

Cost Comparison of Steel and Aluminum Gutters

Keep in mind that cost varies from one region to another. But still, Forbes provides a good summary of how much gutters cost nowadays. Aluminum gutters are cheaper than steel. They have a price range of $2 to $10 per linear foot for materials. This number rises to $8 and $20 per linear foot when you include installation.

As for steel gutters, the cost for materials only is between $5 and $12 per linear foot. Installing them with a professional can raise the overall cost to $20 per linear foot.

The few dollars added for installation in both cases might lead you to believe that installing them yourself is a good option. We invite you to check out our blog "Can You Install Gutters Yourself?" where you will see all that a gutter installation entails and common mistakes.

You will then understand why we don't recommend it. Furthermore, repairing your gutters can cost up to $640, according to This Old House. There are professional gutter repair companies like ours that can provide a better gutter repair service for a lower price. Still, the point here is that a professional installation and regular gutter cleaning will pay itself many times over. DIY is just not worth it.

Now that you know the price of both steel and aluminum gutters. Let's check out the pros and cons of each so you can pick an option not only based on upfront cost but on durability and resistance as well.

Steel Gutters vs. Aluminum Gutters

  • Steel Gutters
    • Pros: Steel gutters are strong and durable. They can withstand heavy snow and rain. Also, these gutters are less prone to damage from falling branches or debris. Plus, they can be painted to match your home's color and last up to 50 years!

    • Cons: Steel gutters are more expensive than aluminum gutters and weigh heavier. This last one is a factor that can make installation more difficult. Also, if you don't have the habit of giving regular cleaning and maintenance, your steel gutters will rust over time.

  • Aluminum Gutters
    • Pros: Aluminum gutters are popular because they are lightweight, easy to install, corrosion-resistant, and available in various colors and styles. Plus, these are less expensive than steel gutters, as we just mentioned.

    • Cons: Gutters made from aluminum are not as strong or durable as steel gutters. They tend to dent or warp under heavy snow or hail; you'll probably need to replace them more frequently. Keeping them in top form requires more frequent maintenance than steel gutters.

Which One Is Best for Your Home or Business?

Person Installing an Aluminum GutterChoosing between steel and aluminum gutters ultimately depends on your specific requirements. For example, if you live in an area with heavy rain and wind, steel gutters may be the better choice due to their strength and durability. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and want a low-maintenance option, aluminum gutters may be the better choice.

And remember, once you have your gutter system installed, always clean it regularly to keep it in top form.

Why Hire Miami Gutter Cleaning?

Miami Gutter Cleaning is a family-owned business with over 20 years of combined experience. Our gutter cleaning company provides quick, budget-friendly gutter and downspout cleaning for residential homes and commercial properties.

We offer gutter cleaning and repair services in South Florida and surrounding areas. Our mission is to offer our customers the highest quality gutter cleaning and repair services with timely completion of work, superior service, and guaranteed satisfaction.

We are licensed and insured, and all our employees undergo a rigorous background check. Our professional craftsmen are highly skilled and trustworthy.

Get your gutter cleaning or repair quote today. Just call us at (786) 676-8259 or fill out our website's form to get started and see what a difference Miami Gutter Cleaning can make on your property!

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