Can I Use a Rain Chain Instead of a Downspout?

June 06, 2022

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Rain Chain Instead of a DownspoutRainwater can be a nightmare for your home improvement plans, especially when the rainy season is at its peak. Luckily, rain gutters are a quick, accessible way to preserve your home's foundations from pools of water and moisture buildup. Downspouts are a vital part of a rain guttering system as they are the final spot the water reaches before disposal. With that said, there are multiple rain gutter accessories that complement a downspout's performance, to the point that some homeowners use any of these accessories to replace the downspouts altogether. Now, is this a practical approach?

What You Need To Know About Rain Chains

Rain chains basically serve to work in the same way downspouts do. While downspouts are metal cylinders attached to the gutter outlet, a rain chain is made of multiple metal links or barrels that channel the water instead, hanging from the roof's edge and following a path toward the drainage system on the ground. In general, rain chains can replace a downspout at the ends of the gutter, redirecting the water in much the same way.

Despite being invented centuries ago, rain chains remain a popular option when it comes to managing a household's drainage system and landscaping.

Some additional details you should know before installing rain chains:
  • Rain chains are made of metal, like aluminum, copper, and brass.
  • They can be made in a variety of designs. Cup-style rain chains are the best option if you want to ensure more water-holding capacities, but link-style rain chains are very popular because of their sleek, striking appearance.

  • In areas where you can expect a long rainy season, rain chains are primarily used for decorative purposes. A combination of rain gutters and downspouts is still a homeowner's first choice to boost the home's drainage system.

  • In other cases, rain chains lead to a larger barrel where the water is deposited after rolling down from the roof. This is more practical in areas with mild rains, and it may add to the façade's esthetic appeal when the barrel/basin on the ground matches the rain chain's design.

  • Because of their durable materials, rain chains can hold their own during strong winds and snow.

  • Cleaning can take a while as it's easy for leaves to get stuck inside the cups/links. You also can't leave the rain chains to collect dust around the crevices.

  • Just like with rain gutters, rust and corrosion are a possibility due to the metal's exposure to water and temperature changes.

Is a Rain Chain Better?

If your main priority is to redirect all the rainwater to a disposal area, rain chains are a viable alternative that will get the job done. Downspouts are still more likely to handle larger amounts of water since many rain chain designs have smaller dimensions than a standard downspout (you have 2x3-inch and 3x4-inch downspouts to fit 5-inch and 6-inch gutters respectively).

Rain Chain Instead of DownspoutWhile rain chains can be an alternative to downspouts, they are mainly sold as rain gutter accessories, so you can always install a rain chain to enhance your home's esthetics without getting rid of your downspout. If you feel that the downspout clashes with your landscape, a rain chain is a good way to draw the eye without limiting the downspout's functionality during a storm. This is useful knowledge to have when it comes to withstanding South Florida's ever-changing weather.

Rain chains are also the perfect addition if you're in the process of repairing or remodeling your current gutters. You can enhance your gutter's features while preserving your home against water damage.

You can count on the specialists at Miami Gutter Cleaning to deliver the most sophisticated designs without falling short on the material's durability. In other words, we build and install high-quality rain chains to suit all types of gutters in both esthetics and versatility. All our gutter accessories are built to work seamlessly with the most popular gutter profiles, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing your home's protection to secure the best style for your rain chains.

The professional team at Miami Gutter Cleaning not only simplifies your gutter maintenance responsibilities with the best cleaning and repair services. We offer all the accessories you could ask for if you want to improve your gutter's look and functionality, like rain chains, leaf guards, the most durable gutter hangers, etc. You can call (786) 676-8259 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get first-hand assistance from our specialists. Miami Gutter Cleaning is your ally to keep durable rain gutters all year long.

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