How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

May 16, 2022

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Man Cleaning GuttersRain gutters bring countless advantages to your home, starting with the best protection to stop rainwater from pooling around your foundations. A rain gutter will go for years keeping the worst of the rainy season from your home and the soil around it, preventing leaks and the rotting of different parts of your property. Still, for a rain gutter to last without getting clogged, you need to be mindful of your cleaning and maintenance duties, since they go hand in hand with a gutter's performance.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Rain Gutters

You need to thoroughly clean your gutters at least once a year. As per contractors' recommendations, a rain gutter should go through a deep cleaning service twice a year, ideally in the aftermath of an intense weather cycle.

Cleaning entails flushing out the debris that's stuck inside the gutters, particularly around the seams and the downspout. This is one of the reasons why seamless gutters are easier to clean overall.

While you can remove a huge chunk of the dirt on your own with the help of a ladder, a blower, or a hose, it's always helpful to have your gutters cleaned by a professional every year. Your contractor will clean harder-to-reach areas without compromising the gutter's stability and will provide a quicker, more efficient process.

You may need to clean the gutters more often under particular circumstances:
  • If the building is flanked by an overhang, your gutter will likely get more leaves slipping inside, especially when the weather is particularly windy.

  • Intense bouts of rain can also carry more debris from your roof.

  • Whenever you get a harsh winter, you'll need to keep an eye on the snow that lands on your roof.
    If you happen to live under any of these conditions, gutter guards are a great way to reduce your efforts. As the name implies, a gutter guard will protect the inside of your gutters and ward off leaves, twigs, debris, animal droppings, etc. The result is quicker cleaning sessions with less stuff to get off your gutters each time.

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters?

Rain gutters are an asset for any home. They help protect the building's foundations and prevent the erosion of the soil surrounding them. This effectiveness is pretty much a given when your gutters are installed by a professional but could still be hindered after a few years without proper cleaning.

Clogged Rain Gutter

So, what happens if you don't clean your gutters?

If you leave your gutters unattended for too long, they will start collecting debris until they're clogged. Basically, the water will gather inside a section of the gutter with no other way out than from the sides; this is usually what causes the gutter to overflow. Besides the shingles particles falling off your roof, clogs can also result from leaves and branches slipping into the gutters if you happen to have a lot of foliage around your home.

Another problem is the growth of mold and mildew inside the gutter. This not only makes your gutters look bad; you may also risk an infestation inside your home. Your gutters, sidings, roof, and other parts of your property may start rotting, making way for pests that will put people's health at risk, and you'll have to cover the financial costs of gutter repairs and replacement.

Rain gutters are meant to redirect water to the downspouts. They shouldn't go for long with strange objects stuck inside. Otherwise, the seams and hangers will be strained until the water starts leaking from the sides. It's also common for gutters to start sagging after homeowners neglect their maintenance, and this eventually leads them to replace the entire guttering system.

While rain gutters can go for weeks without a deep cleaning session, you need to inspect the inside and out at least once a week if you want to get ahead of potential clogs. It is especially important to assess your gutter very closely after a storm to make sure it's still working properly.

All in all, yearly cleaning is never a luxury. It is, in fact, imperative to keep your gutter functional all the way to the end of its lifespan.

So, if you want the best cleaning services to keep your gutters free of clogs, Miami Gutter Cleaning will meet all your expectations. Our specialists provide the most thorough process to help you keep up with your gutter-cleaning responsibilities. You can always reach out to us by calling (786) 676-8259 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll be happy to answer all your questions. No matter the case, Miami Gutter Cleaning will always provide the best service.

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By hiring a professional gutter cleaning service, you will save time and not risk your own personal safety.