How Do You Replace a Damaged Gutter?

August 17, 2022

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Gutter Installer Replacing a Gutter PieceRain gutters are known for their durability, especially when they're installed by a professional. Still, it's important to know what to do if your gutter suffers from damage along the way. In many cases, a Rain Gutter Repair Service, can fix the issue so your gutters can continue working under all circumstances, but there are instances where replacing the damaged gutter is the best choice. Some homeowners are wary of the costs that such a process would entail, so they either try to keep the gutter for longer or try to replace it with a homemade alternative.

You can go about replacing a damaged gutter in many ways, but let's look at the steps involved in the process to identify the safest approach.

Replacing Damaged Gutters

The most recurring problems that usually lead homeowners to replace their gutters include leaks, rust that eats away the material, and portions of the gutter sagging away from the roof.

If you have a sectioned gutter, you have the option to replace only the damaged piece. The process goes as follows: you need to remove the gutter hangers with a screwdriver and cut away the section that you plan to replace. To cut the new section, it's important to follow the rest of the gutter's shape, keeping about two inches of overlap on either side to make it fit more easily.

After installing the new section, you need to fix the seams to the rest of the gutter with caulk and reinstall the gutter hangers to support it.

Seamless gutters are trickier in this regard. You can't separate the damaged portion from the rest of the gutter, leaving you with only two options: to make repairs on-site or to dismount the entire gutter run. For this reason, the best course of action starts with identifying the cause of the problem before doing anything else.
  • Loose hangers: if the gutter starts sagging, sometimes the solution can be as simple as reinforcing the fascia hangers. You can replace the hangers one by one without dismounting the gutters, unhooking them from the gutter, and unscrewing each hanger from the shingles. To fix the new hangers, start where you left off, fixing the hook of the hanger to the lip of the gutter and screwing it to the fascia afterward. All along, you can check the gutter's placement and even add new hangers in areas that need additional support.

  • Leaks and fissures: In most cases, these problems can be quickly fixed. Many leaks occur when the gutter seams are loosely attached together, so it's all about reinforcing the joints. Tears on the gutter can also be covered with sealant; they don't always signal a larger problem that could compromise the material as a whole.

  • Water dripping on the side of the gutter: If you've ruled out the possibility of leaks inside the gutter, there could be flaws in the gutter's pitch, causing the water to overflow instead of following its course. In other cases, the water might slip behind the gutter without ever finding its way inside. A contractor may fix the problem by adjusting the gutter's position under the roof. In other cases, a sheet of flashing under the shingles and over the gutter might be the missing piece you need to redirect the water to the guttering system.
Gutter Installer Replacing a Seamless Rain Gutter You may need to replace the gutters if any of these problems turn into a common occurrence. Multiple cracks, for example, indicate that the material has started to give up against the effects of wear and tear. Loose fasteners should also be an exception, and the problem should disappear after securing the affected area.

Other hints that you may need a new gutter can be found around the rest of your house. Your guttering system is not working properly if the paint starts peeling off your wall or if your basement floods each time it rains.

It goes without saying that dismounting a seamless guttering system is harder than detaching one portion of a sectioned gutter. You could accidentally break parts of your roof, not to mention the danger to your safety if you attempt it on your own. There should be another person ready to hold the tools you'll need while working on the gutter and keep the ladder steady while you're unscrewing each fastener from the roof.

Things will go much more smoothly if you get the assistance of a professional repair service. A professional contractor can also guide you through the most practical designs to enhance the durability of your new gutters. You'll replace your damaged gutters without incidents and know what to do to ensure better results from your new guttering system.

Miami Gutter Cleaning has all you could ever ask for when it comes to gutter repairs. We have decades of experience solving various gutter issues, from leaks to rust and clogs. Protect your investment and get the most efficient service to keep your gutters going for decades. To get in touch with the specialists at Miami Gutter Cleaning, call (786) 676-8259 or fill out the Contact us form. You can schedule an appointment and get the best service for your gutters right away.

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