How Do You Repair a Broken Gutter?

September 06, 2022

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Broken Gutter that Needs to be RepairedRain gutters are made with the most durable materials, and they can generally stand through most things. For this very reason, it's understandable to be at a loss after finding dents or even broken sections of the gutter. Custom gutters can go for years without a scratch, and there's always the option of hiring a Rain Gutter Repair Service to handle any damage. You need to keep an eye on a number of things while inspecting your gutter, and if you find something out of place, it's best to know what to do beforehand. Today, we will focus on how to repair a broken gutter, whether you're dealing with cracks or a larger problem.

Metal gutters are resistant to a lot of damage, and even plastic gutters can hold their own during a storm. Still, you can't fully prevent the cracks caused by branches and other sharp objects, especially if you live in a crowded area with no shortage of trees growing around.

Do You Have a Broken Gutter?

Cracks, leaks, and fissures can often be fixed with quick repairs, but a broken gutter may also start sagging to the point that its structure gets warped. To deal with a widespread issue, it's best to get a professional repair service on board, and even then, your contractor can reach the conclusion that a new gutter is a better long-term investment.

In the meantime, let's look at the main problems that usually affect broken gutters.

Rust and Holes

If the fissure is the product of rusting, you need to deal with that before covering the holes. We recommend using a putty knife, an emery cloth or sandpaper to scrape the area until no debris is left around the crack to hinder your work.

To fix the hole, you need a piece of metal flashing that matches the material the gutter is made of. After cutting the metal to cover the whole contour of the gap, you need to seal it with roofing cement or a UV-resistant gutter sealant. In other cases, homeowners choose to fill the hole on their gutter with a glass-fiber filler and apply sealant afterward.

Once you're done with the repairs, you can paint the area with a rust-inhibiting metal primer. These solutions are mostly recommended for smaller holes, and if the corrosion spreads to other parts of the gutter, you need to contact a repair company for guidance about deeper repairs.

Problems with the Seams

In at least half of the broken gutters you see, the issue can be found on the gutter joints. The joints are the most vulnerable part of a gutter for many reasons, so it's no wonder that sectioned gutters seem to require more repairs. Debris usually gets stuck on the gutter seams, and leaks are common when the joints aren't fastened appropriately.

Repairing a Broken Gutter BracketOnce again, a leaky joint can be repaired with roof sealant. You can also change the screws and solder the gutter sections more firmly. The gutter sealant will dry out in time, so it's a matter of reinforcing the area after a couple of years.

In some cases, loose brackets on the joints can ultimately cause the gutter to sag, so you can try fixing the existing brackets more tightly or adding new brackets to the seam. If the gutter still sags, the problem might be affecting more than one particular section of its length, so we recommend asking a contractor to take a look.

If the problem calls for a new gutter, a seamless guttering system is the best way to save you a lot of stress, since there are fewer joints to deal with and no weak spots on the gutter run.

A Clogged Gutter

In many cases, all it takes is running a hose over your gutter to drive away all the dirt and debris within. Make sure to cover the gutter outlet in advance to stop any of the dirt from sliding down your downspout (it may cause new clogs by flowing all at once). Also, ask someone to have a bucket at hand to collect everything without leaving any leftover dirt around your house.

Remember to inspect your gutters thoroughly to prevent any potential scratches inside the gutter run. Leaves, twigs, and roof particles might still be stuck around the seams, even after you've unclogged the gutter. Also, rain gutters need a thorough cleaning service twice a year to prevent this residue from growing into new clogs.

Gutter guards are always a good way to protect the inside of your gutters. They can be pre-cut to match your gutter's size and they won't make things too crowded below your roof. If you want guidance on new gutter accessories or regarding any of the tips mentioned above, you'll find the best rain gutter repair service at Miami Gutter Cleaning.

You can always turn to Miami Gutter Cleaning if you have a broken gutter, or if you see damage that could eventually cause holes on the gutter run. As specialists with decades of experience in the industry, we strive to ensure that our repairs expand your gutter's lifespan and functionality. You can call (786) 676-8259 or fill out our website's form to contact our team and schedule an appointment so don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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