What Is a Splash Block for a Gutter?

July 19, 2022

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Splash Block Below a GutterWhether you own a house or a commercial building, rain gutters are an essential part of your property. Having your gutters installed by a professional is a sure way to prevent damage to your foundation during the rainy season, and durable Rain Gutter Accessories can complete your efforts, providing additional benefits to keep the water at bay.

Along with leaf guards and rain chains, splash blocks are among the most common gutter accessories you can find on a property, and this is no coincidence. A properly placed splash block can do a lot to improve your downspout's performance, providing extra protection to the ground below your home.

What Is a Splash Block?

A splash block is a rectangular device located under the downspout to catch all the water that comes from above. Its structure is usually framed by lifted areas on the sides to prevent the water from running towards the soil or the home's foundations.

Made of concrete, metal, or plastic, splash blocks can be built in multiple sizes and shapes, with standard formats having 30 to 36 inches of length. They do a lot to preserve the soil in suburban homes and other buildings surrounded by greenery. Obviously, this also reduces the chances of water finding its way to the foundations and rotting the cement.

Why Get a Splash Block for My Gutter?

Some areas don't get enough rain to warrant the installation of a splash block. In other cases, the property is located at the top of a hillside, so gravity takes care of taking the rainwater to the disposal area.

Now, if you live in an area with a long rainy season and uncertain periods of storms throughout the year, a splash block can be of great help. Mainly, it can redirect all the water away from your home while preventing moisture buildup below the sidings and in other fissures.

If you have more than one downspout around your house, chances are you get a lot of rainwater falling down your roof. A splash block under each downspout can help drain all this water much more quickly and smoothly.
Some signs you may need a splash block for your gutter:
  • Water that slips from the downspout outlet to your home.
  • Dampness around your foundations.
  • Signs of erosion on your soil or the decomposition of your vegetation.
  • Constant flooding on your basement.
Splash Block for a Rain GutterDepending on the case, you can also go for a custom-made downspout extension. These extensions can be as long as you need them to be to cover the drainage area below the outlet, and they're available in different shapes to ensure the most convenient combination according to your landscaping. Keep in mind that you need a professional contractor to help with the installation of downspout extensions, even when they appear to involve a simpler process on account of being installed at ground level.

From that standpoint, splash guards are easier and quicker to set in place, but you can go over your options with your contractor if you already plan on doing repairs or maintenance on your gutters.

The Best Cleaning Service and Accessories

At Miami Gutter Cleaning, we offer the best products and services to keep all types of gutters running smoothly all year long. We specialize in cleaning and maintenance, so you can count on our techs to provide a thorough service, even in instances where the dirt has clogged the guttering system.

Our services would not be complete without the best accessories to enhance the versatility of sectioned and seamless gutters. Miami Gutter Cleaning provides the highest quality in all their rain gutter accessories, so if you plan on buying a splash block or any other addition to your downspout, you can trust we have what you need to match the durability of your current gutters.

You can peruse our options if you're not sure what you need. We provide a variety of materials to make each part of your guttering system match without having the accessories clash against the rest of the gutter's structure. And if you want to stop a specific problem (basement flooding, water running out between the gutter outlet and the downspout, etc), our specialists will tailor the best solution for you.

Miami Gutter Cleaning has everything you need to keep your drainage system running smoothly. You can come to us to request specialized cleaning services for your gutters and downspouts, as well as the best accessories to enhance the performance of your gutters at all times of the year. You can call (786) 676-8259 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with our specialists to learn more about any of our services. Let Miami Gutter Cleaning optimizes your gutter maintenance efforts.

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