Should Gutters Have Standing Water?

June 22, 2022

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Gutters With Standing WaterA rain gutter is built to withstand extreme weather, from uninterrupted rain to the most scorching heat. It can even add to your home's esthetic value as long as you recruit an effective Rain Gutter Cleaning Service to provide maintenance once/twice a year. Part of taking care of a rain gutter is knowing the most common problems that can affect its structure, and pools of water are one issue that many homeowners seem to find during their gutter inspection.

If you haven't kept a rain guttering system for long, you might think that having water lingering in your gutters is not a noteworthy issue. After all, the gutter may still work properly overall, redirecting most of the water to the downspout without letting any of it end on your foundations.

Let's start by saying that rain gutters are never supposed to have water left inside after a storm. Water standing inside your gutters is usually a sign of a greater issue, one what will eventually affect the gutter's performance. In most cases, the gutter will start overflowing from the sides and around the downspouts not long after you first find water inside it.
Standing water might result from different factors, which is why it's such a common problem among homeowners.

Why Is Water Pooling Inside My Gutter?

First, you need to rule out the risk of clogs. If you don't fall behind on your cleaning and maintenance, this shouldn't be hard to get done. Of course, you need to climb up your roof so you can complete a close-up inspection of the gutter from end to end.

Clogs are usually caused by debris coming from the roof, but leaves, branches, twigs, and animal droppings can also block parts of a gutter until the water flow slows down considerably. Remember that you must check your gutter's condition at least once a week and provide a thorough cleaning job every year, otherwise, nothing will stop external elements from piling inside, especially if you have a big garden and no leaf guards in place.

If you see water inside your gutter and no debris blocking its way, you may have a structural problem on your hands. The gutter could have the wrong pitch, either due to an installation error or because it has started to lean away from its original place.

Moldy Ceiling Due to Damaged GutterIn many cases, adjusting the hangers under the fascia will do the trick. If that doesn't work, it's best to get a contractor's help. Solving structural problems is a bit more complicated when it comes to seamless gutters since you can't dismount the section that's affected while leaving the rest of the gutter under the roof. Still, pitch miscalculations are overall less common in seamless gutters because they're custom-made to fit a building's measurements, no matter how intricate the roofing.

What To Expect When There's Water Standing in the Gutter?

When the gutter starts collecting water, the effects extend to the downspouts and other parts of your home. The most concerning problem is the pressure on your foundations, which may eventually crack parts of your home's façade. This pressure can even displace the foundations and sidings until the water is drained away.

Also, having all this moisture growing stagnant doesn't do the materials any favors. Depending on the area's temperature, the water may cause thermal expansion and rust parts of the gutter. It will also prompt the growth of mold all over your foundations, ceiling, walls, and basement, compromising the durability of the materials and posing a health risk for the people living inside the house.

The best way to stop any damage to your home is by recognizing the problem on time. Regular maintenance is the best way to do it, but the support of a professional contractor will come in handy if you have trouble identifying the cause of the issue even after narrowing it down to a particular section of your gutter.

So, if you don't know how to deal with the water sitting inside your gutters, don't worry! Miami Gutter Cleaning provides the best services to keep your gutters in perfect condition for years to come. When it comes to cleaning and repairs, our specialists have decades of experience servicing homeowners all over South Florida.

Timely maintenance can stop many problems before they even have time to affect your gutter's performance. That's why we offer the most meticulous cleaning services to remove the last speck of dirt, all while keeping an eye on your roofs, downspouts, etc. And if you get water inside your gutters despite your best efforts, Miami Gutter Cleaning is still here to help you find a quick solution to preserve your gutters for years down the line. Don't hesitate to call (786) 676-8259 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and our specialists will assist you in any way you need.

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