How To Prepare Your Gutters for a Hurricane

October 22, 2022

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Prepare Your Gutters for Hurricane SeasonYou can never be too careful while preparing for hurricane season. No one can fully predict the outcome of a hurricane but homeowners should still take steps to protect the integrity of their homes. Boosting your gutter's maintenance with the best Rain Gutter Cleaning Service is the perfect way to start and it can only increase the benefits that rain gutters bring to the rest of your house. Our specialists tell you all you need to know.

Preparing Your Gutters for the Hurricane Season

If you have a durable gutter made of high-quality materials, you're off to a good start. Either way, you can prevent the most recurring problems with discipline and thorough maintenance.

Cleaning and maintenance: This shouldn't be too difficult if you're already set up a gutter cleaning schedule, but you need to be all the more careful during the hurricane season. A storm can blow leaves, debris, and organic materials to your roofs and your gutters. The debris getting into the gutters could exceed the amount of dirt you get throughout the rest of the year, increasing the risks of clogging. The best way to stay ahead of any problem is by welcoming the hurricane season with a spotless guttering system.

For this, you should go over your entire gutters, including the downspouts. Cleaning your roof also comes in handy, particularly with the number of leaves and branches that end up on its surface after the wind starts to pick up. You can clean your gutters yourself if you have the necessary tools to do it (a leaf blower, a garden hose, an extension ladder, a scoop) and the support of an assistant.

Still, the arrival of a hurricane calls for a more thorough approach. Getting a professional gutter cleaning service to work on your gutter beforehand is the best way to make sure it's in top form to withstand an extreme weather change. A professional contractor can also spot minor issues that could compromise your gutters during the hurricane season, like cracks, loose brackets, etc. The contractor can identify the source of a problem and work through the repairs in a time-efficient manner.

Making sure the gutter works properly is the best way to prevent an unpleasant surprise once a storm rolls around. And this leads us to our next point.

Checking the gutters for damage: A rain gutter can look its best while hiding an underlying problem. In most cases, we can't spot a leak until it starts to rain, and rusty spots can only be seen from afar when they've grown large enough to actively affect the gutter's performance. If the gutter is cracked or rusty on the inside, the damage is even easier to miss. Regular inspections entail more than a cursory glance. You need to observe the gutters closely after climbing up your roof. Deterioration on your fascia board can also be a warning sign so make sure to look into that as well.

Here are some tips to help you throughout your gutter inspections:
    Man Preparing Your Gutters for Hurricane Season
  • Compare all the screws securing the seams and the brackets so that all parts of the gutter are firmly attached to the roof. Keep a close eye on the end caps and the outlet connecting the gutter to the downspout; they are a common weak spot in many guttering systems.

  • Run a garden hose inside the gutter and have someone else look at the gutter from below. This way you can identify the origin of potential leaks.

  • Make sure there are no gaps between the gutter and the fascia. If the guttering system is properly pitched, the water should go straight to the gutter after rolling down the roof.

  • Check that the gutter isn't sagging anywhere. A hurricane is more likely to break apart a gutter that's already unsteady.
Keep in mind that a hurricane can still damage your gutters if it's strong enough to throw larger elements around your roof. In most cases, this entails entire branches that are ripped from the overhanging trees. The impact might bend your gutters, crack the material, and even collapse sections of the guttering system. Milder cases involve large amounts of debris and organic residue getting stuck inside the gutters, which is why it's so important to deep clean the gutters after the end of the hurricane season.

For this, you can count on the specialists at Miami Gutter Cleaning. We can solve any problem, whether you're dealing with a broken gutter or if your gutters become unbearably dirty in the wake of a hurricane. We conduct quick fixes and comprehensive maintenance services alike, adapting our services to the circumstances but always delivering the best results.

Each hurricane season seems to be more unpredictable than the last. Don't leave things to chance and get the assistance of the most skilled gutter specialists in South Florida. Miami Gutter Cleaning will provide the best services to protect both your property and your peace of mind. Feel free to call (786) 676-8259 or contact Us filling out our website's form to get more information or to schedule an appointment with our crew. Miami Gutter Cleaning is here to preserve your investment and well-being.

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By hiring a professional gutter cleaning service, you will save time and not risk your own personal safety.