Are Gutter Guards Really Necessary?

September 13, 2022

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Gutter Guard in a Rain GutterGutter guards are one of the various Rain Gutter Accessories available today. If you own a rain guttering system, it's always helpful to know which accessories could help you optimize your maintenance efforts. It's no secret that gutter guards come with many advantages in terms of protection and maintenance, but how necessary are they? Many homeowners worry about losing a perfectly functional guttering system if they choose not to install gutter guards.

Are Gutter Guards a Good Choice?

Let's start with the basics, gutter guards are not essential in the way downspouts are, for instance; your gutter can do its job without guards. Many homes and businesses have gutters without guards and this doesn't stop the gutter from redirecting the rainwater to the expected drainage spot.

A gutter guard doesn't magically increase the gutter's performance while redirecting water away from the house. Its advantages run more around the lines of helping preserve the gutter's structure and durability.

Many environmental factors can turn gutter guards into the ultimate asset to prevent gutter damage. The main purpose of gutter guards is to stop debris and other external elements from slipping inside the gutter. By doing so, gutter guards also prevent many common instances of damage caused by clogs, scratches, leaks, etc.

As such, gutter guards are among the most common accessories for rain gutters. Here are some of the advantages that convince people to install gutter guards on parts of their rain guttering systems:
  • Gutter guards keep debris, leaves, branches, and trash from slipping into the gutters. When a gutter starts collecting debris and dirt, clogs are a constant occurrence, especially around the seams and the outlet connecting the gutter to the downspout. Gutter guards filter all these elements and reduce your maintenance efforts.

    Important: this doesn't mean that you won't ever have to clean your gutters, but gutter guards can stop the accumulation of dirt, so you don't have to schedule several cleaning sessions per year.

  • By extension, gutter guards also prevent structural damage to your home. When a gutter is clogged, the water gathers around the obstruction, weighing down the gutter and risking damage to the surrounding structure. The problems can extend to other parts of your property as the gutter overflows; eventually, it'll affect your home's foundations and rot your sidings, on top of breaking parts of your roof if the gutter falls apart from the added weight.

  • When made of high-quality metals, gutter guards can also protect against fire hazards caused when leaves and debris fall around wildfire-prone areas.

  • Gutter guards help you keep a hygienic environment in and out of your home. When you let rotten debris and plants fester inside your gutter, you can expect to find mold and mildew soon after. Mold spores strive in narrow, damp spaces. Insects and rodents are no different, usually going for a gutter's dark cavity to set their nests. All in all, a clogged gutter is a hot spot for various kinds of pests.
Bird in a Rain GutterBy installing gutter guards, you'll be preventing mold from damaging your home's surfaces while protecting the members of the household from respiratory problems, skin infections, and other medical conditions.

Can a Gutter Last Without Guards?

Gutter guards are accessories for a reason. You can install your gutter and get guards later on depending on how much debris you find during your routine maintenance. You also have the option of placing guards on portions of the gutter run instead of covering the entire guttering system. The best approach is having your guards made in the same material you used for the gutter. Because of this, gutter guards represent an investment that some homeowners postpone or forego altogether.

So, when can you afford to keep a gutter without guards?

If you don't have plants growing around your house, gutter guards won't make much of a difference in your cleaning routine. You still need to inspect your gutters as the debris that becomes detached from your roof is more likely to find its way to the gutter the next time it rains.

South Florida has no shortage of trees and trash lying around. A breezy spell might still get some leaves stuck inside your gutters. While gutter guards represent an investment, they could save you from having to pay for repairs if you eventually get clogs and standing water inside the gutter. At the end of the day, you can always get the assistance of a contractor to define the best option for your home. If you aren't convinced that gutter guards are a necessary investment, you can always ask the specialists at Miami Gutter Cleaning to help you prevent clogs early on.

Contact Miami Gutter Cleaning for the best maintenance services, including guidance on the most durable accessories to protect your rain guttering system. Our specialists will help you protect your gutters so they can stay in perfect condition through all types of weather. You can call (786) 676-8259 or fill out our website's form to schedule an appointment. If you're looking for the most thorough cleaning, repair, and maintenance service for your rain gutters, you can count on Miami Gutter Cleaning.

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